Seaside Electric uses the highest quality solar photovoltaic panels and has long standing partnerships and affiliations with the top manufacturers and distributors in the photovoltaic panel business.

Seaside Electric will help you determine the size and kind of photovoltaic panel that best suits your installation, is aestechically pleasing, provides maximum efficiency and within your budget.

Working with your architect, we design systems that you can grow as you need from either solar connected to the grid or completely off-grid with battery storage.

Solar panels are assigned a rating in watts based on the maximum power they can produce under the ideal sun and temperature conditions.

Seaside Electric repairs existing solar panel systems

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Solar Installation Benefits:

Increased Home Value.

Protection against rate increases.

You gain control of your electricity costs and can start saving $$$ immediately.

Reduce your environmental impact.

Seaside Electric will perform a site assessment and design a system based on your current and anticipated needs.