Six Signs that you should upgrade your electrical panel:

1. Your current panel provides less than 200 amps.
2. You hear crackling or unusual sounds coming from your panel box.
3. There is rust on the circuits or on the panel.
4. Your breaker constantly trips or blows a fuse.
5. Your light bulbs burn out quickly and often.
6. You appliances do not run at full power.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has reported that wiring and devices have a 40 year life span. If your electrical panel is over 40 years old it is likely getting to a point where it would be wise to consider an upgrade. New circuit breakers are factory tested and easy to operate.

Many older electrical panels do not have adequate space to add the needed circuits for modern appliances, computers and other electrical devices.
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"Load" in electrical terms refers to the amount of electricity one circuit is designed to handle safely. Standard household circuit breakers can handle 15 to 20 amp circuits in each individual breaker this is equal to the amount needed to run most light fixtures and small appliances. Larger appliances such as stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, electric clothes dryers, etc. will require a higher-rated circuit breaker, probably one that has at least a 20 to 30 amp circuit rating.

The circuit breaker size is determined by the load of the actual electrical circuit. Each electrical circuit in the system will have an amp rating and the circuit breaker size corresponds to the amp rating of the electrical circuit. Seaside Electric is trained to handle these types of specifics when it comes to circuit breaker installation and electrical wiring. Homeowners should not attempt to wire their own homes or install and wire new circuit breakers. When dealing with circuit breakers or any kind of electrical system it is imperative that you use common sense and donít try to attempt anything you are not trained to do. Troubleshooting circuit breakers in your home should be done carefully in any situation by a licensed electrician.
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